Welcome to a new concept in recording family history!

Create a vault to keep photos of sentimental items and the stories that go with them.

Take A Picture

Simply use your cell phone to grab a shot

You can easily upload the photo into your private online vault.

Add Your Notes

Tell your story, in your words, about your item

Your story will allow others to see what makes this item special.

Share With Others

You can choose who can see your stories

Your vault stays private for your eyes only until you’re ready to share.

Getting Started is Easy and Free!

Simply Open Your First Vault and You’re on Your Way.

All heirlooms have sentimental value. That’s what makes them priceless. At Heirloom Vault, you create a single place to capture, store, and share memories of your most meaningful items with whomever you choose.




This plan is completely free of charge. Open your free vault and get started today!



Need more vault capacity? This plan allows for more items and more photo and document uploads.


Per Year


This subscription allows for maximum vault capacity and other exclusive features.


Per Year

What others are saying about Heirloom Vault

“What a great concept! With most of us communicating electronically, it seems we lose touch with our ancestry and heritage. I have enjoyed putting heirlooms in my vault to share with other family members. I am hoping they can give me some insight too.”

Christy M.

“Working through Heirloom Vault allows me to put in various items in a systematic way. I am happy to do this “work” so that my descendants will know more about me and my life. (I wish I had asked my grandmother many more questions…)”

Janet C.

“This is like a having personal diary for my special things.  I have enjoyed typing in the description, especially telling funny stories.  I’m leaving these as a special surprise gift for my children to read!”

Marie R.

“After I put a few things in my vault, I feel productive and I’m glad my information is safe.”

John N.

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