Our Story

How Heirloom Vault was created

An unexpected loss


As we relaxed in beautiful Maui, Hawaii, a treat to ourselves to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I had left our cares behind and were simply enjoying life to its fullest. Yet, while as relaxed as we were, we also looked forward to heading back home to our families with refreshing new perspectives on relationships with those closest to us. After 10 days of bliss, we returned home to discover that my beloved mother-in-law “Mimi” had passed away unexpectedly. We were in shock and our family was extremely devastated, to say the least. We longed for just one more hug, just one more “I love you”. Having to tell our children that their Mimi had passed away was almost too much to bear. At their young ages, they had already lost their Grandpa and several other close family members.

The daunting task of clearing out Mimi’s home was now at the forefront of our lives. Because her house was now empty, as she lived alone, we felt it best to start by removing valuables from the home. We began with her jewelry box. Mimi did not wear a lot of jewelry. In fact, she really only wore her wedding band even though her husband “Grandpa” had died 6 years prior. As we started to remove and organize the pieces of jewelry, we were surprised with the number of items she had. There were numerous interesting pieces we had never seen before and knew nothing about.

Finding a void where precious memories belong


Another unfortunate circumstance was that Mimi’s mother “Nana” had preceded Mimi in death, as well as Mimi’s sister “Gigi”. We can only assume that some of the pieces we retrieved from the jewelry box must have belonged to either Nana or Gigi. With no remaining relatives that would have any knowledge about the items, we are left wondering and asking questions such as “who did this belong to?” and “Where did this come from?” Some of the pieces are so stunningly beautiful and unique that we longed to know the history behind them. Several are clearly antiques that must have carried a story with them. Now, sadly, that story has been lost in time forever. The history will remain an unsolved mystery.


Through this process, we started thinking. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a system to document and preserve information about such precious heirlooms?  Couldn’t it be beneficial to tell the stories of our own treasures, so that our children and grandchildren will know the history and significance of these things?


As a result of our experience, Heirloom Vault was created. We know the sadness and pain that comes with losing a loved one all too well. Such unique treasures left behind are wonderful reminders of our loved ones. They’re something to be cherished and kept in the family for years to come. Our vision is that families are not left in the dark about such treasures, antiques, and special family heirlooms. We hope you benefit from using Heirloom Vault and enjoy the experience with everything it has to offer.

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