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Your stories and memories are a treasure to your loved ones! Record them now so they are not lost or forgotten.  Heirloom Vault makes it easy and it’s free!

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Enlighten family and friends with beloved history

With Heirloom Vault, you may invite trusted family members to share in the stories of your family heirlooms or choose to keep your vault private.

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The mission of Heirloom Vault is to provide individuals and families an easy, convenient and secure way to document history and stories behind family heirlooms.

This method is valuable in that your memories are never lost or forgotten!

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1 Vault

25 Item Capacity

1 Photo per Item

1 Document Upload per Item

Invite Unlimited Guests

Downloadable Vault Data


This simple free plan allows you to record information of 25 of your most important family treasures! Always FREE.


1 Vault

100 Item Capacity

5 Photos per Item

3 Document Uploads per Item

Invite Unlimited Guests

Downloadable Vault Data

With increased vault and photo capacity, Organizer the perfect way to organize information of all of your heirlooms and special important belongings.




3 Vaults

200 Items per Vault Capacity

5 Photos per Item

3 Document Uploads per Item

Invite Unlimited Guests

Downloadable Vault Data

Customize Your Own Categories

Curator Plan offers maximum vault and photo capacity plus the ability to create your own custom categories.  This is the perfect plan for multiple items and collections you would like to document and archive.



What others are saying about Heirloom Vault

“What a great concept! With most of us communicating electronically, it seems we lose touch with our ancestry and heritage. I have enjoyed putting heirlooms in my vault to share with other family members. I am hoping they can give me some insight too.”


Christy M.

“Working through Heirloom Vault allows me to put in various items in a systematic way. I am happy to do this “work” so that my descendants will know more about me and my life. (I wish I had asked my grandmother many more questions…)”


Janet C.


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Your family members will treasure all of your precious stories and memories for generations to come

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